My Name Is
Conrad Benedetto
Voorhees, New Jersey
I Stood For Ending Police Brutality &
Reforming Our Criminal Justice System on

June 18, 2017
as a proud member of
National Association Against Police Brutality

When a man, a women or a transgender, a black or white, an Asian or a Hispanic, a believer or a non-believer, a gay or a straight person, stands before the seat of justice in these United States, under our system of Government and the Constitution, they are unequivocally entitled to equal protection and due process under the law. That means our police and justice officials are held accountable for their actions; all investigations and prosecutions of deadly force and official misconduct are transparent and conducted by a completely independent investigatory body; there be clear ascertainable guidelines for use of deadly force; that prosecutors and judges actions are tracked to ensure fair and non-discriminatory outcomes for similarly situated defendants; and no one is entitled to absolute immunity for their misconduct. I pledge to work until these fundamental principles are a reality in our country.