The National Association Against Police Brutality is calling on concerned citizens across America to join together to request officials in the state of Missouri to immediately release Ricky Kidd. Mr. Kidd is currently serving two life sentences after a being wrongfully convicted. 

A local police commissioner and a former prosecutor both agree that Mr. Kidd is actually innocent.  In the interest of justice, based on the recantation of witness testimony, we respectfully ask that Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker or Missouri State Attorney General Chris Koster take the necessary action to effect his immediate release.  As licensed attorneys and officials in the justice system of the state of Missouri, both of these officials have a legal, ethical, and moral obligation to correct this injustice.  We are calling on you to be a leader!

To learn more about Mr. Kidd's situation, please view the story here.

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Justice needs to be served so they families of the deceased can have some closure as well as freeing a man that has been wrongfully convicted. If the evidence shows the truth then release this man as if it isn't bad enough he has been in prison since 1996. I'm praying for this man and his family as well as the families of the victims may God bring yall to closure in this case. From then to now is a very long time to say the wrong man has been arrested while the ones who truly did it are enjoying and able to do it again!!!

Waikiki Alston
Horry County South Carolina

The man is not guilty.

rick hill
Polk County Missouri

This man has been locked in a cage for years and years for a crime he didn't commit..... Let this man go be with his family and loved ones ... Ricky Kidd deserves freedom ♡

Krissy Johnson
Etowah County Alabama

If all evidence proves he was wrongfully accused why is he still in prison

Stacy Cummings
Oakland County Michigan

I'm signing this petition because justice is about fair and honest. This man is innocent and deserves his freedom which is rightfully his sice he haven't committed a crime.

Ykesha Taylor
Jackson County Missouri

This is a very good brother that I had the pleasure of being in the cell with while I was doing my time at Potosi and Charleston Correctional centers. Truly someone that not good for this crime

Darry Taylor
Jasper County Missouri